Admissions is the inpatient wing of the Mental Health Foundation. We provide help to people who require 24/7 observation. The goal is to resolve or stabilize crisis situations in the shortest possible time, and to facilitate smooth transition from care back into the community.

When would someone be admitted?

Someone would need admission when their behavior poses a danger to themselves or others around them. Admission could also benefit persons in need of a quiet place away from their problematic environment, or a person fearing to break down into a crisis. Admission can be recommended by a therapist, or a doctor.
For example, confusion, homicidal or suicidal thoughts, aggression or severe depression can lead to admission.

What should I do if I know a person behaving like that?

Call us on the emergency contact below or the police in case of serious crisis. Even when in doubt, it is better to be safe than sorry! Not calling could actually be a disservice to this person.

What is the admission procedure?

The person can come voluntarily, but also involuntarily when her/his behavior is not stable and he/she poses a danger to himself/herself and others. If needed, the person could stay in our chill-out room until he/she is determined to be stable by our staff. Then a multidisciplinary team will gather as much information as possible and create a personal care plan for the person within 24 hours.

The multidisciplinary team consists of psychiatrists, psychologists, social psychiatrist nurses, registered nurses, and nurse's aids, all working together.

The personal care plan will be executed through one or more of our care products, depending on what the person needs, with the goal of returning the patient back to society so he/she can once more live an independent and meaningful life.

How long does it last?

The client's discharge depends on their development and is always up to the psychiatrist to decide.

Can family and friends visit?

Yes, we welcome visits of family and friends during visiting hours. Regular visits can help the person recover. Our staff will answer questions you might have and will offer support.

Where to begin?

Contact us

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General: +1-721-542-1677

Admission: ext. 513
Care at home: ext. 506/504/511
Clinic care: ext. 501
Day learning center: ext. 507
Short and long stay: ext. 507
Internships and jobs: ext. 516

Admission: +1-721-520-8422
Emergency: +1-721-520-5556

Admission: 24/7
Admission visits: 6:00pm → 7:30pm
Clinic care: Mon → Fri, 8:00am → 4:30pm
Care at home: 8:00am → 4:30pm
Day learning center: 8:00am → 3:00pm
Short and long stay visits: 6:00pm → 7:30pm
Prescriptions and refills:
Call from 9:00am → 12:00pm, or Email.

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