Crisis intervention

Crisis intervention

Crisis Intervention assists when an individual’s behaviors put them at risk of hurting themselves or others. By providing on the spot risk assessment of the situation, counselling, support, and access to our inpatient care facility, we'll help to diffuse the crisis.
Our crisis intervention team is composed by:
- A Psychiatrist
- An on-call Psychiatric Nurse
- A Registered Nurse/Case Manager
- A Security Guard

The crisis intervention team, works collaboratively with the Police and Ambulance Department to take on the crisis management.

How to recognize a crisis situation?

- Does it present clear danger to self or others?
- Are there signs of physical, mental, or social deterioration in the individual?
- Has the individual made any suicide attempts, gestures, or threats?
- Is the individual behaving in a disruptive manner?
- Does the individual appear to have lost touch with reality?
- Does the individual appear paranoid?

What should I do if I witness a crisis situation?

- Call the police immediately! ​911 or +1-721-542-2222.
- Do not film the person/situation and ask others not to do so.

In a crisis situation, solely the St. Maarten Police Force, the Ambulance Department ​912 or +1-721-542-2111 or a general practitioner can refer individuals to the MHF’s crisis intervention.

Crises are temporary, but the effects may become long-lasting. If circumstances were not life-threatening at the moment of the crisis, or if the crisis was short-lived, you should still seek support by contacting us.

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