MHF Hosts Interactive Session With Ujima Students

The Mental Health Foundation (MHF) hosted 7 students of the Ujima Foundation for an afternoon of interactive art therapy, which focused on learning and understanding emotions on July 21st, 2022 at MHF facility in Cay Hill.
The Ujima students were welcomed and briefed on the activities of MHF and its supporting department. After an introduction of staff and students were exchanged, the teams engaged in an ice breaker activity during which all participants recounted a moment they experienced most joy. This was followed by students randomly selecting one of the 8 basic emotions and then painting that emotion on canvas, exercising their creativity and using their own expressions in color and design to capture that emotion.

7 artistic creations emerged from the exercise presenting a kaleidoscope of colors and expressions of Happiness, anger, sadness, trust, anticipation, fear, disgust, and surprise as well bonus paintings of peace and joy. The activity concluded with a refresher and the students were able to take their creations with them. As they departed, the students noted they learned that there were no good or bad emotions and any feeling should be met with awareness rather than shame or distress and that it is totally normal to feel a plethora of emotions, but talking to someone you trust could help positively intervene in how we manage and respond to our feelings.

The activities lead by Social Worker Assistant, Jazmin Maria and information & prevention’s officer/psychologist, Emmalexis Velasquez at the Faraja Center, were initiated by the Faraja Department in efforts of facilitating something educational but also fun and engaging that the students could enjoy.

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