Regular SoSA groups

SoSA "Survivor Of Sexual Abuse" was formed to help anyone who had experienced sexual assault. MHF is organizing new groups twice a year in April and September.


- To support participants in sharing their experiences and helping them to understand the impact of sexual assault on their lives.
- To educate participants on the tenets of sexual abuse and sexual trauma and processing their feelings.
- To help participants identify how sexual trauma impacts relationships.
- To help participants identify how their trauma has impacted their trust, and how to process feelings of mistrust in their relationships.

For whom?

- Anyone who has experienced sexual assault, ranging from groping to rape.
- Women 18 and older (6 - 8 participants per group)


8 - 12 weeks. Specific day and time will be decided once participants are chosen.


Groups are held each year in April and September. Registrations open each year in March/April and August/September. Watch our event timeline to apply for the next group!


For more information, contact us at 542-1677 if you or someone you know is interested in participating in the SOSA group therapy. You could also register to a SoSA group from our event section.

Printable brochure:

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