Suicide prevention "Let’s talk about Suicide"

The MHF team consisting of Dr. Kitty Pelswijk psychiatrist, Tameka Lambert psychologist, Zoya Hyman counselor and Danette Mc Rea occupational therapist organized an informational discussion on the topic of suicide prevention. It is known that suicide amongst youngsters is concerning.

From left to right: Dr. Kitty Pelswijk, Tameka Lambert, Danette Mc Rea and Zoya Hyman.

Representatives during this discussion were: St. Maarten Academy (academic and PSVE), St. Dominic High, Charlotte Brookson Academy, Dr. J Enterprise, Milton Peters College and the psychiatrist from SMMC Dr. Jurgensen participated in the Zoom session.

The goal of the event was geared towards sharing and exchanging helpful and effective techniques among stakeholders to better support youth experiencing emotional issues. The event was also geared towards bridging gap between professionals working with at risk youth and developing ways to form a better working relationship with schools and health care providers.

The objectives discussed were: creative innovative ideas to spread mental health awareness among youths, safe words and behaviors clinicians could use in helping youth to feel safe in exploring challenges and ways to encourage youth to seek counseling and support. Also discussed were creative ways to encourage parents to better support their children with emotional challenges.

Support for the future efforts are welcome, contact can be made with MHF by email at info@mhf-sxm.com.

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