What is "Occupational Therapy"?

Occupational Therapy is provided by MHF among other services.
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‘Occupation’ means the practical and purposeful daily activities a person performs that are meaningful and important to them. This can include necessary tasks and routines such as looking after you/ personal care, engaging in enjoyable leisure or recreational activities and achieving productive goals within employment and education.

An occupational therapist focuses on you as an individual, assessing your strengths and needs. They will work with you at an appropriate pace to understand how your health difficulties impact on your ability to fulfill activities and roles that are important to you.

Occupational therapists’ can help you to:
- Develop or maintain your skills and independence in activities of daily living.
- Establish a satisfying balanced routine to enable you to get the most from life.
- Identify and participate in meaningful activities
- They can support you to set and achieve realistic goals.
- Develop coping strategies and maintain interpersonal relationships.
- Restoring independence and emotional well-being.


MHF occupational therapist is Danette Mc Rae Gumbs

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