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Suicide prevention Let’s talk about Suicide
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Suicide prevention "Let’s talk about Suicide"

The MHF team consisting of Dr. Kitty Pelswijk psychiatrist, Tameka Lambert psychologist, Zoya Hyman counselor and Danette Mc Rea occupational therapist organized an informational discussion on the topic of suicide prevention. It is known that suicide amongst youngsters is concerning.
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Visiting Hight Intensive Care Unit (HIC) of the Altrecht

Visiting Hight Intensive Care Unit (HIC) of the Altrecht

In view of the purchase of the land in St. Johns and the funding from the World Bank the Mental Health Foundation Board member Erika van der Horst and Eileen Healy presently responsible for the projects of MHF visited the Hight Intensive Care Unit (HIC) 'specialist in psychiatry' in Utrecht.
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MHF Land Purchase!

MHF Land Purchase!

MHF signed off on the purchase of 6,267 m2 of land in St. John’s.
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The Mental Health Foundation hereby extends its profound condolences to the family and friends of the patient who passed away recently.
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What is Occupational Therapy ?

What is "Occupational Therapy"?

Occupational Therapy is provided by MHF among other services.
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